“Using stand/sit desks in schools is a cost-effective way to increase caloric expenditure in children. As we focus on increasing physical activity and obesity prevention, early research indicates that giving students the opportunity to stand and move more increases their calories used by 17 percent, and more—32 percent—for children who are heavier. Multiplied over days, weeks, and months, these extra calories burned may be a significant step in keeping children at a healthy weight.”

-Source: School Health Branch, 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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Stand-Biased desks give students the maximum flexibility (they choose to sit or stand at will) and allows for the most movement and postural variety when participating in a learning environment”.

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Finally an answer to technology induced inactivity!  No more debating whether to have more physical activity or more instruction time – how about more physical activity during instruction t

Students race to class to sit in our desks!
–Central Texas Professor

The most active students now produce more work while standing.
–Ms. Lucio, 1st Grade Teacher

12 out of 17 stand up for the majority of their day
–Ms. Parker, 1st Grade Teacher

The furniture is very durable
–Mrs. Behling, 2nd Grade Teacher

Finally an answer to technology induced inactivity!
–Indiana Public School Superintendent

Brilliantly simple!
–South Texas Facilities Planner

More focus – Better Behavior = happier teachers and students!
–Southwest Texas Principal

The majority of the children do not even use the stools anymore. I never want to give this furniture back!
–Mrs. Hedge, 1st Grade Teacher

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PositiveMotion, LLC was formed in 2008 as a cooperative faculty startup by Mark Benden PhD, CPE and Eric Wilke MD.  As faculty members of the Texas A&M Health Science Center they were constantly striving for interventions that could lead to significant breakthroughs and were seeking an outlet for some of their more commercially valuable ideas.

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Why Stand-Biased?

  • We think better on our feet than on our seat
  • Improved blood flow and increased calorie expenditure
  • Extra alertness and better reaction times
  • When you get sleepy in a meeting – what do you do?  Stand Up – it wakes you up and energizes you.
  • Increased collaboration, improved focus and improved behavior resulting in better attitudes and improved academic outcomes.