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Proudly leading the paradigm shift in schools to move more, and sit less with standing desks for students.


The VARIDESK Education desk was a bi-product of a CDC research grant to help fight childhood obesity and the design of Dr. Mark Benden, Department Head/Associate Professor, Director of the Ergonomics Center, Environmental and Occupational Health at Texas A&M University. His 8 years of research in schools, ergonomics lab research and his significant body of peer-reviewed publications, shows that reducing sedentary time in children has become one of the most significant opportunities to intervene in the health outcomes of this generation.

The solution was the VARIDESK Education family of standing student desks, standing stools and the patented dual height, dual depth footrest. This full ergonomic package allows students to maintain a healthy posture while resting or moving from side to side. Giving students the option to sit or stand in a classroom results in improved mobility, improved health, better focus on instruction & improved academics.

“Using stand/sit desks in schools is a cost-effective way to increase caloric expenditure in children. As we focus on increasing physical activity and obesity prevention, early research indicates that giving students the opportunity to stand and move more increases their calories used by 17 percent, and more—32 percent—for children who are heavier. Multiplied over days, weeks, and months, these extra calories burned may be a significant step in keeping children at a healthy weight.”

Source: School Health Branch, CDC


Backed by Research

VARIDESK Education conducted 4 years of in class research prior to developing their standing desk for the classroom. We continue to research striving for the ultimate experience and results from the change to standing!

Attention to Quality

VARIDESK Education products are built to last. We maintain a 5-year warranty and strive to maintain our made in the U.S.A. status - keeping American strong.

Community Impact

The VARIDESK Education team is passionate about teaching schools and classrooms about various options to become healthy. Our goal is to improve the health of our children resulting in healthier adults.

Exceptional Service

VARIDESK Education's goal is to maintain a maximum 24 hour response to submitted orders, requests or questions. We love what we do and love spreading the word on standing classroom benefits!

Michele Klumb

National Account Manager

Michele Klumb understands firsthand how difficult it is for children to sit still. Managed chaos, is how she describes her life with 6 children. Capturing the vision of how children mentally and physically benefit from being able to move in the classroom, she jumped at the opportunity in October 2011 to work again with Dr. Mark Benden. She and Dr. Benden had worked together previously as an innovative team responsible for 4 office and industrial ergonomics patents.

Mack Westbrook


You won’t find a sit-down desk in Mack Westbrook’s corporate office. After spending years sitting behind a desk as the Director of Engineering and Quality Assurance, at a $50 million school furniture manufacturing company, Mack was captivated after studying work published by Dr. Benden. In 2011 Mack brought his talent for innovation, including 4 patents and joined forces with Michele and Dr. Benden to launch Stand2Learn (now VARIDESK Education) with a passion for improving learning and combating childhood obesity.

Dr. Mark E. Benden

Designer and Researcher

Dr. Benden’s research began to highlight the ergonomic advantages of standing and movement in the office environment as early as 2001, long before standing desks became popular. As a commissioned Officer in the Unites States Army Reserves, and in a civilian Ergonomic Engineering career culminating as an Executive VP for an Ergonomic Product manufacturer, Dr. Benden has seen firsthand the impact of his research.

He is currently serving as the Director of the Ergonomics Center at Texas A&M where his groundbreaking research continues. VARIDESK Education draws insights from his published research to provide educational solutions that fit children and adults of all sizes. His work with biometrics and biomechanical precision behind the scenes combined with research and years of industry experience is why these innovative solutions feel so natural.

Leslie Muckleroy

Sales & Marketing

My passion is learning and seeking change that leads to a healthy, positive, goal-oriented lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same. I truly believe that we all have been Divinely blessed with the ability to live healthy, productive lives based on making the best possible lifestyle choices that we can. We have the power to change our health circumstances based on those choices, and I believe that our personal choices influence the behavior of others and giving us personal responsibility.

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