5 Key Benefits of Standing Desks

At Stand2Learn, our passion is less about desks, and more about a healthy lifestyle. Your child might not notice the subtle changes, but you as a parent will notice the benefits of standing desks.



Exercise is proven to be the most effective way to improve memory and focus. For years, medical professionals have been prescribing light exercise to patients to help with diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.

Your child is tasked daily to learn the important things like history and math. Shouldn't we advocate options that will improve their memories and focus as well? When standing at their desk, students increase blood flow to the brain without even realizing it. Standing students have the freedom to move around, leading to less fidgeting and more time focusing.

Even when resting on the Standing Desk Stool, students can swing their feet and engage their core muscles. On average, the light exercise brought on by standing in class all week is equal your child walking 5 miles.



The saying, "thinking on our feet" is applied in the classroom. Standing desks have proven that they reduce disruptive behavior problems, and lead to happier students!

At Texas A&M University, Stand2Learn actively researches the benefits for standing desks that impact children behavior in class. Our studies have shown that when children stand during the school day, classroom attention & engagement increases by 12%. That equals about seven minutes more per hour of engaged instruction time versus disruptive behavior! This benefit for standing desks in school is huge!


Have you noticed that you feel better when you are exercising regularly and eating healthy? It is scientifically proven that human bodies are made to move.

Another benefit for standing desks in school is it gives your child the opportunity to get moving mentally and physically. The light exercise is healthy for the body and mind of a child. It also helps release mood lifting endorphins. At a very basic level, consistent exercise can play a huge part in your child's self-esteem and confidence.


Have you ever been in a meeting, trying to pay attention, and thought, "I wish I could walk around a little and stretch my legs"? You are on to something, and your kids probably feel the same way in class!

Studies show that people are more creatively driven, think better, and are more open to teamwork when standing vs. sitting. Standing desks are great when students are working on group projects. The Stand2Learn desks are easy to move around and push together to create a larger table for students to really spread out.

When the environment of a project changes from, "this is my desk", to "this is our table", students are more willing to share work and ideas in order to make the team succeed.


We know that sitting all day is bad for you. Were you aware that even regular exercise and healthy eating cannot undo the effects of sitting all day? Sitting for too long decreases blood flow, slows metabolism, increases risk of obesity, impedes digestion, and thwarts energy.

Luckily, these chronic issues can be reduced by practicing standing more throughout the day. Standing helps burn 17-35% more calories than sitting which can really add up over time. Studies show that standing more can also help prevent type 2 diabetes, lower cholesterol and improve BMI.