Advantages to Classroom Standing Desks

At Stand2Learn, our passion is less about desks, and more about a healthy lifestyle. Your students might not notice the subtle changes from classroom standing desks, but you as a teacher will!



At Texas A&M University, Stand2Learn actively researches the benefits that classroom standing desks have on children behavior. Our studies have shown that when children stand during the school day, classroom attention & engagement increases by 12%. That equals about seven minutes more per hour of engaged instruction time! This is huge!


The improved classroom management corresponds to improved student test scores. Those seven minutes per hour of engaged brains adds up significantly over the school year!


Based on a recent study, the use of stand up desks was associated with significant improvements (7-14%) in executive function and working memory capabilities.

Standing desks in school gives your students the opportunity to get moving mentally and physically. Movement is healthy for the body and mind, and it helps release mood lifting endorphins. Regardless of gender, weight, or age, movement during class hours can quickly increase your student's self-image.


Have you ever been in a meeting, trying to pay attention, and thought, "I wish I could walk around a little and stretch my legs?" Your students probably feel the same way in class!

Studies show that people are more creative, think better and are more open to teamwork when standing vs sitting. The Stand2Learn stand up desks are easy to move around and push together to create a larger table for collaborative projects.
We all know that sitting all day is bad for you, and even regular exercise and healthy eating cannot undo the affects of sitting all day. Sitting for too long decreases blood flow, slows metabolism, increases risk of obesity, impedes digestion, and thwarts energy.

Luckily, these chronic issues can be reduced by practicing standing more throughout the day. Standing helps burn 15-25% more calories than sitting which can really add up over time. Studies show that standing more can also help prevent type 2 diabetes and lower cholesterol.