6 Options to Receive Grants for School Standing Desks

There are a multitude of options for you to seek funding for the purchase of Stand2Learn desks. First determine how many desks you would like to have and obtain a quote from Stand2Learn. This will give you an idea of the necessary funds needed from your school's grant. Next review your options to obtain funds:


1. Does your school have a Grant writer on staff?

+ A Grant writer will have access to a multitude of federal, state and local funds available via the completion of an officially submitted Grant.

+ Due to the in-depth research on our standing desk published by Stand2Learn CEO, Dr. Mark Benden, any federal funds to help the overall health and well-being of students can be sought after and used to purchase Stand2Learn desks, i.e., grants to decrease obesity, grants to increase physical movement of students, grants to improve student academic achievement.

+ Click HERE to download some general information on Stand2Learn when applying for grants for school.

3. Are their extra funds left over from the budgeted year? Request Stand2Learn desks!


4. Does your school have a Parent Teacher Organization or an Education Foundation?

+ These types of charitable organizations provide funds to teachers based on specific criteria developed by the organization. Sometimes, the funds are very limited and you may only get approval for one desk but at least it will allow the teachers, students and administration to see the standing desk in action in the classroom. Then future budgeting for additional units is conducted. Many times, though, the funds are significant!

+ Do these groups host annual fund raisers or banquets? A Stand2Learn desk would be a great conversation piece at the event! Ask us about details!

5. Is there a prominent local business that would sponsor the purchase of desks in exchange for some great public relations?

+ Often, if approached with the research, local businesses are willing to purchase and donate the standing desks on behalf of their business. It not only demonstrates good will in the community but also increases the business’s exposure.

+ Stand2Learn can also include the company’s logo on specific models.

+ Some current examples include the following but don’t limit your brainstorming!

a. Physicians
b. Chiropractors
c. Gyms and Group Fitness
d. Local Grocers – in Texas H.E.B. donates up to $25,000 yearly for multiple educational grants focused on health
e. Health Insurance Companies
f. Any company that sponsors local golf tournaments like law office, oil companies, etc. This is a budgeted marketing expense for them. Just think how much PR they could gain from helping out your entire school instead of one gold tournament!

+ Click HERE to Download a list of companies that have Grants for school applications you might apply for!

6. Are you willing to organize some regular old fund raising?

+ Would your Athletic Booster Club allow you to sell water at all their events for a year to acquire funds?

+ Would your cafeteria allow you to sell healthy snacks during lunch or breakfast to acquire funds?

+ Don’t forget about national fund raisers that schools use every year!

HIGHLIGHTED RESOURCE: Click here to use the Spark Grant Finder Tool, our favorite resource for locating grants for curriculum, teacher training, or equipment.